We're pleased to offer the following services at PawFect Grooming (PFG):

Our Packages:

Basic Bath and Brush Package
Includes a massaging bath followed by a conditioner, forced air and kennel drying, ears cleaned and plucked, nails cut and filed, 25 minute brush out, and finishing cologne.

Premium Deshed Package

For pets that require more of a deshedding treatment . Different techniques are added prior to the bath; the pet is blown out with the high velocity dryer. This loosens and removes a good bit of excess hair before the bathing process begins. Next we treat the dog to a hydro massage bath and work on removing the undercoat. Then we apply the conditioner. Before the conditioner is rinsed, we take the high velocity dryer and blow out the coat for a second time. This accomplishes two tasks; the conditioner is blown into the skin and also adds weight to the undercoat, making it easier to remove. The pet is then rinsed and dried. Finally, the pet is brushed and combed for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Full Service Package

Includes the aforementioned and also a face, feet, and sanitary trim.

The Premium Groom Package
Includes everything in the basic Bath and Brush and also an all over haircut that fits the lifestyle of both you and your dog/cat.

Additional fees will be added when the client requests a haircut that involves superior expertise.